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Hey, I’m Joanna. I have been working as a Senior Product Designer for the past 5 years at Facebook on Profile, Events, Movies, and Internal Tools.

Previous to that I freelanced for clients such as Google Nexus, Opentable, and Pivotal Labs.

I believe in real talk, extreme competence, and the power of a good story. Currently I am only looking for freelance or remote opportunities.


I currently live in San Francisco with my husband, daughter, and soon-to-born son. As you can imagine, free time is rare these days so I have become a master of multi-tasking efficiently.

Like all millennials I love all things food and travel related (I even took 3 years off to travel the world once upon a time). I am still trying to figure out my InstantPot and I have yet to meet a cheese cracker I didn’t like.

When I find a spare moment I write articles and draw comics about the hilarity of motherhood at mombrain.co.